UniverSSE – Coopernicus

The english term for space, Universe, is now transformed to UniverSSE 2017, to name the 4th European Congress for Social Solidarity Economy, which will take place in Athens from the 9th till the 11th of June.

We outline the building blocks of the UniverSSE around the 6+1 thematic spaces of the Congress. We build it on an everyday basis, according to our activity, and thus change the way we conceive economy and social organization.

We use the same building blocks to shape the character of Coopernicus, whose telescope will show that at the centre of our economic and social activities we don’t find financial profits, but our own stories, activities and conceptions, forming a UniverSSE.

A UniverSSE “made of stories, not of atoms*” (Muriel Rukeyser, American poet and political activist)

This summer Athens will be the meeting point for people, collective ventures, SSE organizations and groups all around Europe, who work to promote and enhance SSE.

Based on the 6+1 thematic spaces of the Congress, we discuss and exchange experiences, ideas, expertise and conclusions around SSE, building a European History “made of stories, not of atoms”.

*In physics an atom is that building block which cannot be further divided into simpler ones. In the Greek language the same word is also used to denote the individual.