Report – Thanks

A big thank you

Announcement of the Universse2017 Congress  Organizing Group

The UniverSSE 2017 organizational team wants to thank everyone involved to the success  of the 4th European Congress on Social and Solidarity Economy and to inform that after the necessary reports, we are already preparing the next steps.

The positive and demanding stock of UniverSSE 2017 in numbers can be depicted as follows:

  • 6 months of preparation of the event
  • 7 thematic zones were created,
  • Hosted 50 panels / workshops / seminars, and
  • Provided interpretation in 4 languages ​​in 5 equipped rooms with a team of 21 interpreters from Greece and abroad.

At the UniverSSE 2017 participated:

  • 50 delegations from abroad,
  • 240 collectives / networks/ stakeholders of SSE from Greece,
  • 187 speakers,
  • 637 registered participants,
  • 1,200 people approximately attended to the conference proceedings and
  • 1500 through live streaming.

As an organizing team, we are extremely pleased that the three days passed smoothly, without problems. For us, this was a challenge that surpassed the capabilities of the newly-established groups that were the majority of the organizers. But it was a challenge that worthed to deal with and we are very pleased that we responded to it.

The experience we gained, makes us wiser so that next time we can be better and take care of several points of the event: the number of parallel panels / workshops, the need for more people, the need for more  time for preparation.

We would like to thank those who have supported us, those who have shown their solidarity and faith in this collaborative and joint effort.

Those who offered us their financial support:
RIPESS network- Heinrich Boll Foundation – Region of Attica – Solidarity for All – Rosa Luxemburg Foundation – Poulanza Institute – Konstantina Kuneva MP – Susy Program

The 81 supporters of the Crowdfunding campaign of UniverSSE 2017 who contributed € 5.139,00 and they will receive their perks early September.

We thank all our associates for the boon with which they made UniverSSE 2017 their own purpose by sharing the values ​​and practices of Social and Solidarity Economy.

But above all, a wholehearted thanks to all the friends from all over Europe who volunteered and worked for the success of UniverSSE 2017.

We are glad that the UniverSSE2017 contributed a lot so that the conversation and the interest of the people, for the alternative  proposals of organisation of our everyday life, of the economy, of the resource management and work, will stay alive in contrast with what we face all over Europe.

This is an evidence that the experiments continue and the field where they take place and pass tests is getting wider.  The research progresses, the participation is renewed, the ideas are being implemented, the groups dissolved and reconstituted, the people, the collectives and the conditions mature, the knowledge and the vision are shared.

From our part, we believe that UniverSSE 2017 was a successful event where the universe of Social and Solidarity Economy was impressed, met and became more visible in Greece and all over Europe.  SSE was at the center of the quest for a way out of today’s deadlocks.

The atmosphere of creative participation, sharing, solidarity and equal co-operation has shown flaws of the world we dream of and the visions that motivate us.

Some of the first concrete and communicable conclusions that emerged are:

The collaboration between two festivals, the festival for Solidarity and Cooperative economy and the Commons Fest with the goal to organize together a festival for the commons on the 6-7-8th October, the Declaration of the Pan-Hellenic Networking of Cooperatives, The decision to launch the networking and joint declaration on European alternative / collaborative media, a joint intervention for the consultation of the Energy Communities, a solidarity resolution to the BIO.ME struggle and many  other collaborations.

Financial report

According to the transparency principal, we would like to implement especially for budget issues, we announce the total sources of income and expenses of the whole congress. Another reason we publish it is to make visible the volume of the work needed for a European event like Universse.


Secretarial support



Technical infrastructure



Speakers, interpreters

Interpreters, volunteers

Prints, posters, brochures, site, media etc

Administrative costs, transports, van, cleaning, perks for crowdfunding, office bills

Total: 48.063,43 €

  • Translation costs 16.360,00 € (33,53 %)
  • Speakers related costs 10.161,46 € (20,83%)
  • Administrative costs, Office Supplies 3.871,00 € (7.93%)
  • Dissemination Costs 9.286,57 € (19.03%)
  • Venue 3.500,00 € (7.17%)
  • Music Event 2.250,00 € (4.61%)
  • Others 3.364,44 € (6,90%)


Region of Attica 8.400,00 €

Heinrich Boll Foundation 8.170,97 €

Konstantina Kuneva MP 1.500,00 €

Poulanza Institute 1.400,00 €

RIPESS network 9.001,24 €

Rosa Luxemburg Foundation 5.602,00 €

Αfter the Congress RLF disposed2.728 € for video production

Solidarity for All 9.383,16 €

Susy Program 3.000,00 €

Crowdfunding 4.500,00* €

Congress Income 1.221,32 €

*amount after PayPal and Goteo fees

Σύνολο 51.568,69 €